TotalSDI assessments provide a powerful combination for taking a systems view of people and organizations. The unique tools and techniques provide solutions for the problems and opportunities within today’s organizations.

By developing a deeper understanding of what matters to people and how that influences their interactions and decisions – when things are going well and when they are navigating conflict — TotalSDI programs can be tailored to address specific needs.

The reliable and validated self-assessments help organizations develop more productive cultures and more collaborative teams. The interpersonal assessments improve individual skills and relationships through coaching on expectations and feedback. The data and insights from these assessments and other tools can help build game-changing organizational development programs and develop the specific skills in people that create high-performing individuals and highly effective teams.

The TotalSDI Suite of Assessments include:

  • SDI Self: an assessment of motivation when things are going well, and in conflict
  • Strengths Profile: an assessments of strengths and how we prioritize them
  • SDI and Strengths Feedback Editions: assessments which invite others to provide constructive feedback
  • SDI Expectations Edition: an opportunity for team members to voice their expectations so they can be discussed in a positive and constructive environment
  • Strengths Expectations Edition: an opportunity for team members to identify the key strengths required to succeed in a role.

Emotional intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills which together establish how well we see and express ourselves, how we develop and maintain relationships, how we cope with challenges and how we use emotional information effectively and in a meaningful way. Emotional intelligence is a predictor of success in life and work.

These assessments are a predictable way to accurately assess an individuals' current level of emotional and social functioning, providing a powerful vehicle for developing action plans focused on improving performance. The assessments include personalized coaching, feedback, and support.

Developing emotional intelligence in organizations is proven to increase sales, increase retention, improve performance and develop strong leaders.

The LEADS in a Caring Environment framework embodies the key skills, behaviours, abilities and knowledge required to lead in all sectors of the economy and types of organizations. It fosters a common understanding of what good leadership looks like at all levels.

The dimensions of the framework represent the collective wisdom of current leadership literature and the capabilities required by leaders dedicated to making meaningful organizational change. The framework is informed by, and expands on, major, progressive leadership frameworks around the world.

The LEADS framework enables effective leaders to take responsibility for their own performance and continuous learning, to foster the development of others, to achieve quality results, to actively build coalitions and to create a climate of continuous improvement for organizational renewal.

All leaders, regardless of their role, can use the LEADS capabilities to guide their behaviour and actions.

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